The OverTheLoop Streamflow
Forecast Demonstration Project

Short to Medium Range Streamflow Forecasts

Streamflow forecasts from hours out to 15 days (ie, 'short to medium range') are used for flood control and other daily reservoir operations that achieve water management objectives such as hydropower generation, stream temperature control, navigation support, and irrigation scheduling, among others. Latest Medium-Range Forecasts

Short/medium range reservoir inflow forecast, including both deterministic and ensemble predictions

Notice: The real-time forecast system is being refactored to include new models and forcings. Real-time products are not currently being updated online.

Seasonal Streamflow Forecasts

In many parts of the world, and particularly where reservoirs supply water needs during a dry season, or where rivers are fed by snowmelt (giving long-lead predictability), seasonal streamflow forecasts are a critical prediction. A common example is the probabilistic seasonal runoff volume forecast, which supports high-value seasonal to annual water system allocation decisions for agriculture and water supply among other uses. Latest Seasonal Forecasts

Seasonal reservoir inflow volume forecast evolution plot

This project is supported by the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Bureau of Reclamation, and NOAA.